About us

Leafloat is a large integrated water tank company integrating development, design, production and sales. The products cover the sink series, and a series of sink-related accessories will be developed in the future.

The sink series is divided into 5 sink types, including Workstation Sinks, Farmhouse Sinks, Bar Sinks, Black Nano Sinks and Top-mounted Sinks. Different types of sinks have different sizes, which can meet the needs of most families. With distribution networks in multiple regions of the United States, the brand’s influence in the United States will grow over time. Leafloat is dedicated to creating high-end products that offer exceptional beauty, flawless functionality, and phenomenal quality.

We pursue the design philosophy

Leafloat is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and original ideas that inspire custom homeowners to create an ideal living space that is completely personal. Every kitchen sink is meticulously designed to bring true luxury and sophistication to any home. fixtures that accommodate the fullest range of design preferences allows us to cater to discerning homeowners who only want the very best kitchen sinks on the market. Whether you choose a classic or contemporary design, you can be assured that you’ll receive a product that represents the perfect mixture of beauty, functionality, and value.

“When it comes to your kitchen sink, we believe you can have it all: great design and quality, at an affordable price.”

We respect our planet

As an environmentally conscious company, Leafloat is devoted to water conservation. Our team is committed to producing eco-friendly fixtures to help create a better world for all. With every product, we continuously strive to meet and exceed the highest standards in corporate and social responsibility. Our overarching goal is to minimize the ecological impact of our products and demonstrate our commitment to the environment by implementing sustainable business practices.

We uphold the goals

The most outstanding kitchen experience for the extraordinary daily life. We are committed to improving everyday life and protecting the environment in which we live. From innovative ideas to carefully crafted products with universal appeal, we never stop working to bring you the very best. Our dedication to sustainability includes the use of ultra-efficient components and highly hygienic, easy-to-clean materials that minimize environmental impact.

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