Kitchen Sinks for a Cleaner Kitchen

Our relationships with our homes have grown to play an increasingly important role in our lives over the past few years. Kitchens in particular have become central to our daily activities. But you know how to get a cleaner kitchen?

While still performing their traditional functions as cooking and eating spaces, they have become the main centers of entertainment and gatherings. Through this transformation, many of us are becoming more aware of how difficult it is to keep our houses clean.

Last year, Houzz published an article revealing that the #1 dirtiest place in any kitchen is the sink. At first, you might be surprised by this – isn’t the sink where things go to get clean? But most of us use our kitchen sinks for all sorts of messy jobs; from scrubbing dirty hands after playtime, to rinsing and prepping meat and other raw foods, to washing dishes and maybe even pets (we’ve seen that too!). Between food leftovers and other dirt and grime from daily tasks, the average sink can be a dirty environment.

Regularly cleaning your sink and strainer with hot soapy water and frequently replacing sponges are good ways to maintain a cleaner space. But if you really want a cleaner kitchen, you need a sink that works with you to fight back against dirt and grime.

That’s why Leafloat has engineered two of our most advanced kitchen sink lines with technology and accessories specifically aimed at helping you maintain a cleaner kitchen. Here, we will break these features down to give you a better understanding of how these products help you cut down on grime.

Easy-Clean Stainless Steel Sinks

The Topmount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink collection utilizes a combination of thoughtfully designed features to promote a cleaner kitchen.


The Topmount sink uses the original angle to help reduce buildup over time. It can be easily cleaned with sponge and soapy water. The gently sloped sink bottom helps promote complete drainage so that your sink dries faster and stays cleaner. Wear-resistant Radiant Pearl finish with circular brushing helps mask scratches and scuffs for a long-lasting lustrous sheen. The ultra-smooth stain-resistant surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Topmount sinks have an extra-large bowl capacity, which gives you more room for washing produce and dishes, cutting down on clean-up time when you’re rinsing batches of veggies, and improving workflow by keeping kitchen counters clear when it’s time to wash up after a meal.

Over-The-Sink Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

Whether you choose Workstation kitchen sink or Farmhouse kitchen sink, Leafloat Dish Drying Racks are the perfect accessory to enhance the functionality of your sink and make it even easier to keep your kitchen cleaner. Traditional drying racks often leave behind pools of water that can drip onto your countertops, creating room for germs to grow.


The Leafloat Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack is make of a stainless steel core and 100% food-safe silicone coating designed to support heavy pots and cookware, and can hold up to 85 lbs.


On the one hand, this accessory can also be more satisfied with daily cleaning work. Unlike other dish racks, Leafloat roll racks can be easily rolled up and placed in the dishwasher for disinfection. This versatile little accessory is so handy, it will quickly become one of your essential kitchen tools.

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