The Farmhouse Sink: A Marriage of Utility and Elegance

The history of farmhouse kitchen sink


Farmhouse sinks are very popular among today’s fashionable homeowners, and there are good reasons to believe that these sinks combine function and elegant style, and can stand the test of time. With deep basins perfect for big projects and an apron front for easy access, it’s no wonder that this continues to be one of the most popular sink styles today.

While today’s sinks are available in many different styles and materials, the earliest farmhouse sinks were strictly kitchen workhorses.

It emerged in Ireland and England in the 17th century. On the one hand, due to the lack of indoor pipes and artificial water intake, farmhouse sinks were necessary. On the other hand, because the application range of the sink is very wide. From preparing food to washing clothes to washing clothes for children, it is very comfortable to use.

The popularity of the farmhouse sink spread from the British Isles into France by the late 19th century. It was eventually moving into the United States in the 1920’s.


Modern farmhouse sinks preserve the original functionality from the 17th century, but offer 21st century styles and materials.

In fact, the reasons for the continued popularity of farmhouse sinks can be easily explained. On the one hand, because the deep water basin can hold more and sundries, on the other hand, the front of the apron can maximize the sink space and accessibility.

The farmhouse sink is a perfect design for folks that love preparing food or have big families; it’s a sink for those who love entertaining and being active in the kitchen.

Blending the rich history and practical function of this classic sink design with contemporary aesthetics and modern engineering, Leafloat has developed several lines of farmhouse sinks that will give your kitchen the perfect centerpiece.

Leafloat farmhouse kitchen sink

The Leafloat Workstation takes the head-turning style of a stainless steel apron front and adds the most advanced functionality available for today’s kitchens.


The stainless steel workstation combines durable tradition with bold versatility. Contains an integrated wall shelf that can hold accessories for meal preparation and cleaning.

On one hand, our current lineup of accessories includes cutting boards, dish drying racks, colanders, and serving boards. Which is allowing you to slice veggies, wash greens, and dry your wine glasses right over your sink directly.

The perfect match for those that want to make a bold statement while tackling a busy kitchen, this farmhouse sink would have been the envy of every 21th century American homemaker!

The future of Apron Front Sink Design

The Farmhouse Sink is a breathtaking union of traditional form, bold aesthetics, and advanced technology.

This sink is handmade in Italy using quartz composite materials. It has the characteristics of extremely durable, super smooth and waterproof surface. More importantly, it is enhanced by silver ions that inhibit bacterial growth.

With Leafloat workstation sink, you can pre and serve on top of your sink.

Most importantly, the design of this farmhouse sink has an workstation wall shelf. To prevent any form of water pooling in the inside, this stainless steel farmhouse sink is uniquely constructed with optimal drainage that will keep water continually flowing. The sink is designed to accommodate the heaviest and largest of cookware that you have in your home. The sink also has the capability of absorbing sounds and minimizing vibrations, which makes your kitchen quiet.

By combining traditional form with advanced functionality and innovative material, the Bellucci Farmhouse Workstation represents the future of farmhouse sink design.


As a result of their unique design, farmhouse sinks require some unique installation considerations.

Keep in mind that countertop cutouts may need to be adjusted to accommodate the dimensions of a farmhouse sink.

Secondly, due to the depth of the basin, you need to install a new cabniet. Depending on the material you choose, you may need to install a bracket to support the weight of the sink.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that, unlike top mount sinks, your faucet, and sink accessories (such as soap dispensers and air gaps) will be installed behind the sink, requiring additional holes to be drilled into the countertop material.

The farmhouse sink is a time-tested design that masterfully combines elegance with superior functionality.

Leafloat is committed to reforming and innovating the farmhouse sink series. We have contributed to this traditional sink. On the one hand, we make full use of the essence of the past, and on the other hand, we add bold, modern style and advanced technology. The farmhouse sink provides a classic feel, but can meet the needs of your modern kitchen.

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