Why choosing the right kitchen sink drain kit matters

We all know how much fun it is to buy a new kitchen sink, but in the hustle and bustle, the little details can pass you by. One of those details is the position of your kitchen sink drain kit.

Your drain’s position will affect a number of things, including under-sink storage, faucet noise, and how easy it is to stack dishes.

Here’s what you need to know about a centered drain vs offset drain to help you pick the right style.

Kitchen Sink Drain Kit–Centered Drain


  • Classic look
  • Quieter
  • Fits with most existing plumbing


  • Can be inconvenient when washing dishes
  • Wastes space under the sink

Sinks with centered drains are easy to install with existing plumbing. Plus, they look great in most traditional kitchen styles such as classic and farmhouse kitchen sink.

They also have the benefit of being quieter and less splashy, especially if you have a high-powered faucet.

However, centered drains can cause issues when washing dishes. Dishes can easily block a centered drain, causing water and food debris to build up.

Kitchen sink Centered drains kit are also not ideal in small kitchens. The central placement of the plumbing below the sink wastes valuable storage space.

Kitchen Sink Drain Kit–Offset Drain


  • Modern look
  • Creates more space for under-sink storage
  • Makes washing dishes easier
  • Ideal for wheelchair and disabled access


  • May increase splashing in shallow sinks
  • May require plumbing adjustments

Offset drains make your sink more accessible from top to bottom. You’ll have more space to store your dirty dishes, so water and food debris won’t build up.

Below, you’ll have a lot more storage space for a wastebasket, kitchen supplies, and more.

Offset drains are found in ADA-approved sinks for disabled users because centered plumbing doesn’t allow space for wheelchair access.

The only major downside of an offset drain is that you may need to adjust your current plumbing to accommodate a different drain position.

Choosing your drain placement

There are pros and cons to centered and offset drains. But to sum up, we recommend offset drains for small and busy kitchens, and centered drains for larger sinks and quick renovation projects.

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