Kitchen Bar Sink 22 inch,Undermount, 18 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, with Strainer & Bottom Grid

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  • Just the SINK you need – It has all the features you need, including real T304, 18 Gauge, R10 corners, Satin-finish, soundproofing, out-corner cut, etc, which satified all you need in use.
  • DURABLE – Handcrafted with real T304 stainless steel in 18 Gauge (1.2mm) thickness, making it indestructible, dent-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Free Accessories – Strainer, bottom grid and a LEAFLOAT branded tower are included.
  • Undermount – Easy and standard undermounting installation, mounting hardware kit and cutout template are provided.
  • Lifetime Warranty – All LEAFLOAT kitchen sinks are made in best-in-indudstry standard and provided lifetime warranty.

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leafloat Workstation Kitchen Sink, Single Bowl, Undermount, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, cUPC listed

Key Features

16 Gauge Thickness

The sink is real 16 Gauge, always 1.5mm thick, which is virtually indestructible and never chip or crack, thus saving a lot of maintenance or replacement cost.

A Quiet Sink

Extra-thick rubber pads cover over 80% of sink base to absorb noise from dish washing and waste disposal.

Satin Finish

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

R10 Corners

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

 Deep Bowl

Self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face for easy installation.

T304 Stainless Steel

Handcrafted from T304 stainless steel, the most durable material on the market that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust.

Size Table
Outter Dimention(L)16 x (W)18x (D)10 inches(L)18 x (W)18 x (D)10 inches(L)20x (W)18 x (D)10 inches(L)22 x (W)18 x (D)10 inches(L)25 x (W)18 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)18 x (D)10 inches(L)30x (W)18 x (D)10 inches(L)32x (W)18 x (D)10 inches
Inner Dimention(L)14 x (W)16 x (D)10 inches(L)16 x (W)16 x (D)10 inches(L)18 x (W)16 x (D)10 inches(L)20 x (W)16 x (D)10 inches(L)22 x (W)16 x (D)10 inches(L)24 x (W)16 x (D)10 inches(L)26 x (W)16 x (D)10 inches(L)14 ½ (W)16 x (D)10 inches
Package Includes
  • 1 x Dish Drying Rack & Bamboo Cutting Board
  • 1 x Strainer & Bottom Grid
  • 1 x Custom Tower
  • 1 x Cutout Template & Mounting Hardware

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This item is eligible for 30 days return, exchange or refund, and life-time technical support.This item is eligible for 30 days return, exchange or refund, and life-time technical support.

50 reviews for Kitchen Bar Sink 22 inch,Undermount, 18 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, with Strainer & Bottom Grid

  1. Allan Muth

    Used the sink in a workshop for small jobs such as cleaning paint brushes and other small jobs. It is adequate for my intended purposes, but suggest that you consider carefully the size of the sink that you order. I should have ordered a larger sink that would easily fit a paint roller pan for cleaning.

  2. Kim P

    Great quality sink, but it didn’t come with all of the necessary parts to install it. It came with everything except the 6″ 1 1/4″ flange tail piece. Apparently, not easy to find! Had to make two trips to the store & ended up having to buy the whole piece ($13).

  3. Paul R DesRoches

    There’s a lot of product coming from the “big” country, and by that I’m referring to none other than the leading industrial manufacturing country on the planet, China, and some of it is good quality and should last, and unfortunately a great deal of it is designed to function for a minimal amount of time and is seriously lacking in quality of both materials used and in the design or engineering of the product in the first place. With that said, this product gets my vote for representing what GOOD can come out of the big country of little people, for it is a significant value proposition, designed, engineered, produced and shipped in the best possible ways. I’m simply stunned by the quality level of this product, the flawless manufacturing details, and the fit and finish is beyond reproach. From the unique under counter brackets, which flip out of the way for setting the sink in the cutout, then flip back to their “working” position, and are easily tightened by using a cordless drill, to the double “O” ring seals that allow the spout to travel unimpeded into a full circle, to the ingenious drain stopper that allows straining and draining, or if a simple rotation allows it to drop further down, seals the drain for filling a quantity of water without draining. Care must be taken to not overflow since all sinks of this type have no overflow slots, and the water will run over the lip if allow to overfill. The appearance is top notch, a satin, lightly brushed bowl, with a bright chrome accessories and spout finish. Handles operate very smoothly. Very impressed with this, and it sits proudly installed in my newly completed bar top. Comes complete with an installed (taped on) sound absorbing pad under the bowl as well. Nice detail.

  4. Phillip Sampson

    Perfect size sink and nice accessories

  5. DiJeff

    OMG…finally finished and moved in to our cottage and we installed this 25″ Leafloat single bowl sink. LOVE IT!! I’ve never had a single sink before but I wanted something that had a bigger area and thought I would try this. The sink came very well packaged and arrived WITH sink clips. Nice stainless finish and love the grate that sits in the bottom. Also like that I was able to get a smaller sink base cabinet and it fit perfectly. We did not use the strainer as we installed a garbage disposal. And I personally prefer the small, white plastic dish drain that I can easily move in/out without removing the sink grate. I would definitely purchase this sink again.

  6. Joseph Johnson

    Great little sink for our patio. accessories little on cheap side but works and looks great.

  7. Capitalist Doll

    I was concerned that I would not like this sink because of my prior experiences with stainless sinks: typically noisy, hard to keep clean and not very big. I gave up a triple bowl porcelain sink with my kitchen remodel and I loved the versatility. THIS sink changed all that for me. I love it. It’s big, deep and the lines and angles look great in my kitchen. As others have stated, it arrives beautifully packaged – I’m using the box it came in to store quilts! Large trays fit well, there’s plenty of room to fill big pots, drain big pots and room for a dish drainer and dishpan if you want to hand wash. Why four stars? As others pointed out, the angle is a bit flat to rinse crumbs and food bits into the drain; it ends up using more water than I’d like to get everything into the drain. Also, the included drain cover doesn’t work with a disposal; Leafloat needs to address that. It’s quiet, too, partly because of the included rack, which I love. This sink was a marvelous find for the price, I hope I continue to love it for years to come.

  8. GuruJon

    I was restricted on the size of my sink because of the cabinet. Installation was pretty easy, but I wish they included a template. I might have been able to cut a slightly smaller hole with a template. The accessories is pretty basic, but I didn’t need anything fancy for the mud room. I only wish the neck of the accessories was more sturdy. I took off one star because of the accessories. Otherwise happy with the purchase.

  9. Fishhawk

    I needed a nice, functional and eye appeasing sink in my newly designed garage. This sink meets all of my needs. I didn’t want a large fiberglass sink because I’ll be mostly washing my hands and dirty rags and it would be an eye sore.The sink arrived with no damage. It was packed to prevent any shipping problems.I am especially thankful to the customer service Leafloat offers its customers. When I received the sink I noticed the mounting clamps were too short. I called Leafloat to explain my problem and they had the longer clamps mailed and in my hands within 3 days. I received them in time for the installers to do their job without disruption.I am very satisfied with my purchase and would buy a Leafloat sink again.

  10. M. Johnson

    Our old enameled cast-iron two bowl undermount sink was falling and it wasn’t worth remounting it — 130 lbs, easy to stain, hard to clean, two bowls were both too small to wash a large pan. Our handyman recommended a single bowl stainless and based on some reviews on line we found this Leafloat, made in the USA. He installed it easily (taking out the old one was the bulk of the work) since it’s an overmount. It’s easier to clean, mostly spraying down and a good run with a brush. The rack in the model is good to hold dishes so water drains below them, and they stay flat instead of tilted to the sink (which grades to the drain). The best part is the large, single bowl — I can wash roasting pans and large fry pans in there without any problems now! Wonderful! In this day and age of dishwashers being more water-efficient, a two bowl sink no longer makes sense. This is the way to go for a modern sink! It also matches our stainless steel appliances.

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