Kitchen Sink 28 Inch, Topmount,16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, with Strainer & Bottom Grid

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  • Just the SINK you need – It has all the features you need, including real T304, 16 Gauge, R10 corners, Satin-finish, soundproofing, out-corner cut, etc, which satified all you need in use.
  • Topmount Installation – Drop-in topmount sink allows you to install it with any types of kitchen counter with a beautiful finish look. Mounting hardware kit and cutout template are provided.
  • DURABLE – Handcrafted with real T304 stainless steel in 16 Gauge ( always 1.5mm) thickness, making it indestructible, dent-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Free Accessories – Strainer, bottom grid and a LEAFLOAT branded tower are included.
  • Lifetime Warranty – All LEAFLOAT kitchen sinks are made in best-in-indudstry standard and provided lifetime warranty.

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leafloat Topmount Kitchen Sink, Single Bowl, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, with Strainer & Bottom Grid, cUPC listed

Key Features

16 Gauge Thickness

The sink is real 16 Gauge, always 1.5mm thick, which is virtually indestructible and never chip or crack, thus saving a lot of maintenance or replacement cost.

A Quiet Sink

Extra-thick rubber pads cover over 80% of sink base to absorb noise from dish washing and waste disposal.

Satin Finish

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

R10 Corners

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

 Deep Bowl

Self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face for easy installation.

T304 Stainless Steel

Handcrafted from T304 stainless steel, the most durable material on the market that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust.

Size Table

Outter Dimention(L)25 x (W)22 x (D)9 inches(L)28 x (W)22 x (D)9 inches(L)30 x (W)22 x (D)9 inches(L)33 x (W)22 x (D)9 inches
Inner Dimention(L)22 x (W)17 x (D)9 inches(L)25 x (W)17 x (D)9 inches(L)27 x (W)17x (D)9 inches(L)30x (W)17x (D)9 inches

Package Includes

  • 1 x Dish Drying Rack & Bamboo Cutting Board
  • 1 x Strainer & Bottom Grid
  • 1 x Custom Tower
  • 1 x Cutout Template & Mounting Hardware

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40 reviews for Kitchen Sink 28 Inch, Topmount,16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, with Strainer & Bottom Grid

  1. Shar

    This sink was so much nicer than I expected it to be. I’ve been looking for a deeper sink for my island prep area. This is beautiful. Absolutely love it!

  2. Randall J.

    The fabrication of the sink allows for top or bottom mount.The thickness of the sink and sound deadening coating worked perfect for our application.

  3. Jennifer Stacy

    Awesome heavy duty sink. Arrived packaged very well and in it¡¯s own bag. It dropped into the existing hole that I had with ease. Installed a new commercial grade Delta faucet. The clips used to fasten the sink to the counter top were too short and I had to alter them. This is a deep sink and getting the clips installed was not an easy task. Used a long handled needle nose pliers and long handled screw driver, as the room on the sides of the sink was very limited due to the size of this monster sink. Overall it takes some time to install because of the size issue. That being said, thus is one hell of a too notch sink!!! Oh ya, install your faucet and any accessories before you drop the sink in!!

  4. jeffrey dale sipes

    Very easy to install, looks great and great quality. I installed it in my teardrop trailer. Only thing that I wasn¡¯t expecting is the color is more smoked dark grey and not black as it¡¯s advertised but I actually like the color more as it is.

  5. JMom

    I got this puppy installed yesterday (Sat 3/10/2018) and I have to say it is a beast! I purchased the 33×22 inch model unit and I am very happy I did. This is a great sink but there is some room for improvement. I don’t like the way the provided retaining clips angle into the sink as you tighten them down. In my case the sink fit the hole from my previous sink perfectly but very tightly. It mounted completely flush on either side so there was no possibility of side-to-side movement ergo I left out those clips. I managed to anchor 2 clips in front and back of the sink and I think that would do nicely to keep it stable. A bit of advice to those who purchase this sink….don’t try to fill it up with water. This is a large volume sink and unless you have granite counter tops or some other very hard surface the weight of water in this fully filled sink would crash through the hole mount and damage the plumbing in the sink cabinet. My kitchen is a lower end model with particle board and laminate counter tops. I don’t think mine would be strong enough to support the weight of this sink fully filled with water. It is not really a problem I think because most people would just use it to wash and rinse stuff with the water running and the drain open. I have a dish washer for doing dishes this baby was purchased mostly for my over sized cast iron enameled cookware and my large stainless steel pots. I gave it 4 stars because of the retaining clips issue but don’t let that deter you from buying this baby if you really want it. It is a solid design and they send it very well packaged a secured. It’s very unlikely to get damaged in transit.

  6. Ali Lodhi

    The sink looks perfect in our contemporary house. Way better than the white cast iron double-bowl sink that we had before and so much easier to clean. Yes it does scratch without much force, but I think that’s the standard with stainless steel sinks. You don’t drag metal objects along the front of your stainless fridge, do you?With that being said, I would highly recommend using the included grate for the bottom of the sink to protect it. I also like the extra deep drain basket to catch all of the food since we have a septic mound system and it’s good to keep it as clean as possible.Make sure to measure twice before you buy and check the plumbing under the sink to see if it will fit without having to call a plumber. Keep in mind that the sink drops almost straight down vs. our old “curved” sink so it will fill the entire undersink area. We had to reconfigure the drain pipes underneath so it would fit correctly.No regrets with this sink. It’s a great centerpiece to our kitchen.

  7. Guro Lawrence

    We were looking for a replacement sink for our laundry. Because it’s in the garage, I had limited space for the sink cabinet. I needed a sink that was small enough to fit into the cabinet base but big and deep enough to be useful. This Leafloat sink was the Goldilocks solution. On top of that, it is a really nicely made sink. From the thickness of the material to the quality of the welds, just nicely made. Especially noteworthy is the depth of the drain and the drain basket that is included. I had to do a little magic with the P-Trap because of the sink depth. But, otherwise, I am really happy with this product. Wife is happy too…Score!

  8. Doug Bostock

    Beautiful sink, high quality, great value, it looks great in my camper van

  9. Freddy M

    Comparing this to the 20gauge sink I bought at homedepot a few months ago is almost a joke. This is the most solid thing I have seen sink related and has a nice hefty weight and cant wait to see it installed in new granite counters next month. The 20 gauge sink from hd is already rusting in some spots after 2 months and cost the same price as this for a 33×22 size. Shouldve gone with this to start with in the first place. Thicker metal = longer lasting sink.

  10. Tavi P.

    Sturdy sink. Much better quality than local big box stores. The steel is thick and the extra items included make it a great value.

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