Kitchen Sink 30 Inch, Topmount,16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, with Strainer & Bottom Grid

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  • Just the SINK you need – It has all the features you need, including real T304, 16 Gauge, R10 corners, Satin-finish, soundproofing, out-corner cut, etc, which satified all you need in use.
  • Topmount Installation – Drop-in topmount sink allows you to install it with any types of kitchen counter with a beautiful finish look. Mounting hardware kit and cutout template are provided.
  • DURABLE – Handcrafted with real T304 stainless steel in 16 Gauge ( always 1.5mm) thickness, making it indestructible, dent-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Free Accessories – Strainer, bottom grid and a LEAFLOAT branded tower are included.
  • Lifetime Warranty – All LEAFLOAT kitchen sinks are made in best-in-indudstry standard and provided lifetime warranty.

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leafloat Topmount Kitchen Sink, Single Bowl, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, with Strainer & Bottom Grid, cUPC listed

Key Features

16 Gauge Thickness

The sink is real 16 Gauge, always 1.5mm thick, which is virtually indestructible and never chip or crack, thus saving a lot of maintenance or replacement cost.

A Quiet Sink

Extra-thick rubber pads cover over 80% of sink base to absorb noise from dish washing and waste disposal.

Satin Finish

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

R10 Corners

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

 Deep Bowl

Self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face for easy installation.

T304 Stainless Steel

Handcrafted from T304 stainless steel, the most durable material on the market that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust.

Size Table

Outter Dimention(L)25 x (W)22 x (D)9 inches(L)28 x (W)22 x (D)9 inches(L)30 x (W)22 x (D)9 inches(L)33 x (W)22 x (D)9 inches
Inner Dimention(L)22 x (W)17 x (D)9 inches(L)25 x (W)17 x (D)9 inches(L)27 x (W)17x (D)9 inches(L)30x (W)17x (D)9 inches

Package Includes

  • 1 x Dish Drying Rack & Bamboo Cutting Board
  • 1 x Strainer & Bottom Grid
  • 1 x Custom Tower
  • 1 x Cutout Template & Mounting Hardware

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This item is eligible for 30 days return, exchange or refund, and life-time technical support.This item is eligible for 30 days return, exchange or refund, and life-time technical support.

39 reviews for Kitchen Sink 30 Inch, Topmount,16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, with Strainer & Bottom Grid

  1. Lori Johnson

    Very nice looking sink! Looks great. Perfect size. Depth is incredible. Dishes disappear in the sink. The accessories are awesome. We use the colander to hold silverware before we load dishwasher. The cutting board gives extra workspace to counter. My one and only complaint is the template that came in package. It’s not a true template, cannot place on counter and trace out to cut counter. The measurements are not exact either, sink is slightly bigger.

  2. DiJeff

    Our old enameled cast-iron two bowl undermount sink was falling and it wasn’t worth remounting it — 130 lbs, easy to stain, hard to clean, two bowls were both too small to wash a large pan. Our handyman recommended a single bowl stainless and based on some reviews on line we found this Leafloat, made in the USA. He installed it easily (taking out the old one was the bulk of the work) since it’s an overmount. It’s easier to clean, mostly spraying down and a good run with a brush. The rack in the model is good to hold dishes so water drains below them, and they stay flat instead of tilted to the sink (which grades to the drain). The best part is the large, single bowl — I can wash roasting pans and large fry pans in there without any problems now! Wonderful! In this day and age of dishwashers being more water-efficient, a two bowl sink no longer makes sense. This is the way to go for a modern sink! It also matches our stainless steel appliances.

  3. Randall V. Reese

    We love this sink! Going from a double bowl to a single was so worth it. I went back and forth looking at tons of options and reviews before we ordered this one.This sink is huge. We can get multiple large Pyrex baking pans or the parts from my smoker inside the sink making clean up and soaking much easier. The rack for the bottom is great and protects the sink perfectly. The drain system is really well designed. My wife really wanted the disposal so I swapped out the drain and went back to the disposal with no issues. Advice – Use their included template for the cut out and it will install easily.The packaging was great, no damage at all in transit.Cons (minor and worth it)- It is stainless steel which is not perfect (scratches and shows water marks easier than others). The attached photos were taken at least a month after installing it to give you an idea. It cleans up nicely.- The sharp corners and flat bottom do lead to slower drainage. We have to spend a little more time spraying water to get the food debris down the drain but it is worth it.- Installation was a hassle. Going from a double to single sink requires more plumbing work and all plumbing requires multiple trips to the hardware store. The clips to hold it in do want to twist out of the way but it seems to be holding. A deep well socket was the easiest way to get it as tight as possible. My install would have gone easier if I had just used their included template for the cut out the first time rather than trying to make the opening as small as possible.In the photos I included a shot with the drying rack we ordered at the same time. I linked to it because we like this design so much but I’m sure something similar will work just as well.

  4. lmitchell

    This sink has not yet been installed, however I was pleasantly surprised at the size, quality and sound proofing of this sink and would take a chance on purchasing again simply because of these factors exceeding my expectations. Will update upon install and use.

  5. anonymous

    We bought this sink to replace the small round sink in our R-Pod 180 trailer. It is very well built using thick stainless steel, with well finished welds and radiused inside corners. Being a drop-in sink, I thought that the finish of the rim and outside edges was a little rough. I softened the outside edge with a file and wet sanded the rim to a smoother satin finish. Other than that we are very happy with it. It fits the counter well and the extra depth is very useful when space is limited.

  6. Fishhawk

    Size, depth, and shape are perfect. As a former double sinker, I had no idea what it had been missing. I became a convert within the first hour. The best part is the grate. No other sinks that I looked at before choosing the Leafloat had one. The only fault (and it’s slight) is that the bottom is fairly flat. It drains the water to the drain but generally not the solid parts. They have to be sprayed into the drain basket. Overall, well worth the money. The Amazon price was the best one I found, but about $100. The guy that helped me install it liked it so well that he ordered one for himself.

  7. Jason T

    This sink is great! Sleek looking, great accessories, and a perfect fit. We had this shipped to the crew that was building our basement bar and it worked out great. I’d highly recommend this, price was right too.

  8. Mary Ostyn

    this sink is AMAZING!!! I replaced a same size double cast iron sink and had to cut the corners of my countertop as this sink is zero radius, but it installed with no problems and I LOVE IT! we were unable to secure the stays that keep the sink from being able to be pushed back out because there was only an inch of room or so and we couldn’t squeeze our arms up to do that but I don’t think it will be an issue. The weight will hold it down and I used silicone around the sink to prevent water from seeping under. I could practically bathe in here!! It is HUGE!! The included metal grate allows pots and pans and knives to not scratch the bottom of the sink and the sink is even big enough for me to have an over sink drain (shown in picture) and still be large enough to wash everything.

  9. G$

    Usually I don’t write reviews because I buy too many things and don’t really have time to write reviews for everything, but for this kitchen sink was necessary to find time. I was a little scare to order the sink online thinking about how careless sometimes UPS delivery guys are and I didn’t want to deal with having to return it. When I saw the delivery guy getting the box out of the truck I was suffering because the box didn’t look in very good shape and the delivery guy was having no mercy lol, but once I open the first box I was really impressed of how WELL packed it was, even falling from a fifth floor would of have been in perfect condition. The sink is way better than what I was expecting, super good quality and very elegant and also easy to install. I am very happy with this Leafloat purchase, quality, elegance and a fair price all in one. If you are looking for a kitchen sink buy Leafloat and you will be as happy as I am. I 100% recommend this sink and I will give 20 starts if possible.

  10. william

    Best decision ever! Giant sink, easy to clean (assuming you clean your sink regularly, as I cannot comment on how easy it is to get goo out of the corners if you leave it until filthy). I say that because I was worried about the zero radius corners, reading all sorts of nonsense online about using q-tips and other nonsense. Not a problem- no q-tips used here! It¡¯s installed in a 36 inch corner cabinet. Fitted our old Insinkerator, and the four holes allowed for our RO filter faucet, dishwasher air-gap, soap dispenser and faucet. We used the Forius faucet, which has a lot of pressure to reach all sides/edges. We are going to add a reducer to bring the gpm to 1.5 to the faucet shortly, because it¡¯s too much spray in the spray mode and we are in California, which requires a lower gpm. One thing though- It was harder to clean before we used Gel Gloss kitchen and bath polish (available at many hardware stores in their cleaning section). It smooths down the ridges in the stainless, fills the pore and helps the water bead and run down in the almost flat bottom of the sink. It¡¯s the kitchen safe version of Rainx. The flatness of a zero radius sink bottom is the other reason to have a more forceful spray on the faucet. After a few weeks of using the polish, the sink is smoother and easier to clean. The edges of this drop-in sink are raised, but wipe down easily. I like the raised edges better because I can manage how wet the caulking gets and reduce mold formation. Every undermount sink has black mold in the caulking and it¡¯s difficult to replace the caulking when that happens a few years down the road. This sink sealed well to our Corian countertop and only required a thin layer of clear caulk to seal well. Installation is okay- there are clips all around the sink. The back has stabilizing pieces that will require a little fussing to get it to sit flush all around. It is very secure and sufficiently insulated that it is not loud and clanging when you move things around. The rack helped that too and to reduce scratches. It looks better (fewer scratches, and easier to clean) than our friend¡¯s much more expensive sink with all the attachments. We use a silicone rack sometimes, but do not miss the integrated items from using her sink. We have had ours for a few months now, and it has been an amazing change from our too tight enameled cast iron sink that stained every time we put a pot in it. It¡¯s so big that I do not mind washing dishes in the sink! Best sink I have ever had/used.

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