Workstation Kitchen Sink 28 Inch, Undermount, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel

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  • Workstation Sink – It features an integrated edge that provides a platform for custom accessories to slide across the sink. Custom roll-up dish drying rack and bamboo cutting board are included.
  • DURABLE – Handcrafted with real T304 stainless steel in 16 Gauge ( always 1.5mm) thickness, making it indestructible, dent-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Free Accessories – Strainer, bottom grid, LEAFLOAT branded tower, custom roll-up dish drying rack and bamboo cutting board are included.
  • Undermount – Easy and standard undermounting installation, mounting hardware kit and cutout template are provided.
  • Lifetime Warranty – All LEAFLOAT kitchen sinks are made in best-in-indudstry standard and provided lifetime warranty.

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leafloat Workstation Kitchen Sink, Single Bowl, Undermount, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, cUPC listed


Topmount Workstation Sink

      • Workstation sink features an integrated ledge that provides a platform for custom accessories to slide across the sink. Custom roll-up dish drying rack and bamboo cutting board are included.
      • Drying Racks: Choose from a stainless steel drying rack that sits on the built-in workstation ledge, or a multi-functional roll-up rack that unrolls over the sink and allows you to drip-dry dishes without making a mess on your kitchen counter.
      • Cutting Boards: Custom-fit cutting boards in a range of sizes sit securely on the built-in workstation ledge, allowing you to make full use of the space over your sink.
Key Features

16 Gauge Thickness

The sink is real 16 Gauge, always 1.5mm thick, which is virtually indestructible and never chip or crack, thus saving a lot of maintenance or replacement cost.

A Quiet Sink

Extra-thick rubber pads cover over 80% of sink base to absorb noise from dish washing and waste disposal.

Satin Finish

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

R10 Corners

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

 Deep Bowl

Self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face for easy installation.

T304 Stainless Steel

Handcrafted from T304 stainless steel, the most durable material on the market that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust.


Size Table
Outter Dimention(L)23 x (W)19x (D)10 inches(L)25 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)30 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)30 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)32x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)32x (W)19 x (D)10 inches
Inner Dimention(L)21 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)23 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)26 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)26 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)30 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)30 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches
Package Includes
  • 1 x Dish Drying Rack & Bamboo Cutting Board
  • 1 x Strainer & Bottom Grid
  • 1 x Custom Tower
  • 1 x Cutout Template & Mounting Hardware

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25 reviews for Workstation Kitchen Sink 28 Inch, Undermount, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel

  1. Kenny

    We love the way this sink looks and the bonus of the bottom grate which I was sceptical of but turns out to beone of the best things about this sink and accessories.Downside is so far have not been able to remove water spots with just soap and microfiber cloth and elbow grease. .Hoping that some product like the oft mentioned Bar Keepers friend will help. ..Completely unrealistic to keep a sink dry!Also very frustrated trying to “activate” the warrantee. I threw out the box after installing and the web site wants a batch number that supposedly is on the box and under the sink . Its NOT under the sink and I dont have the box.So does that mean I dont have a warrantee or is the whole activation thing bogus anyhow….

  2. Constance

    Could not love the sink more. Ok, I might love it more if it sloped a little toward the drain to make it drain a little easier. Looks really nice. I love all the accessories!

  3. John Paris

    Love love love love. No other way to say it. We did a kitchen renovation and chose this for our sink. My husband initially rolled his eyes at the drying rack and cutting board features, but indulged me. He uses them daily and has admitted how amazing they are! The drying rack is the coolest feature, and we¡¯ve had everyone comment on it. The sink itself is huge, and if you are looking for a single basin sink this is perfect. It¡¯s sloped toward the drain (which is perfectly positioned on the right side, a much better placement than center), but you still have to ¡°nudge¡± food toward it. We also use the grate at the bottom religiously to protect the surface of the sink from dings/scratches, but you do have to lift it up to clean under it every single time. That¡¯s true of every sink like this though. Overall, it¡¯s been easy to clean, works well, and is functional. The drying rack and cutting board add ons are just bonuses to a great sink.

  4. Debbie Lynn

    We chose this sink for our kitchen upgrade. When it came the packaging with very nice. The sink was installed and looks great. I will say that if you are going to use a garbage disposal you cannot use the strainer that comes with it. The strainer is very nice but again you¡¯ll have to get a garbage disposal flange and splash guard. Seams as though we are continually cleaning it, which is expected. Other than that, it looks great.

  5. Karen K

    The value on this sink cant be overstated — comparable sinks with all the accessories can run as high as $900-$1,00 if you go with Kohler or similar. I was somewhat dubious because it was comparatively so affordable but it is a very good sink with excellent depth, and good soundproofing. The accessories make cooking and cleaning that much easier and convenient. With that said, my disappointment is that even after the sink was constructed with a drop toward the drain it still is a chore to get it thoroughly rinsed out — food keep circling around and missing the drain and sticking in corners and such – it just requires more water, more time and attention to detail to get the sink entirely and effectively rinsed out. Still, if I had to do it over again I would probably buy the same sink for all the other convenience factors.


    What a wonderful useful kitchen sink. I replaced the tiny sink in my RV with this work station sink and although the footprint is much bigger & deeper than the original sink it offers more usable work space and room to wash & dry dishes and prepare food.

  7. MsBliss802

    Operates like one big sink due to the low divider, yet you can fill just half if needed. A littler harder to clean because the inside corners are not rounded, but not that big of a deal. Love the strainer that comes with it. Looks modern or transitional.

  8. jmoar

    I purchased this sink in July 2019, so I’ve been using it for a year now. (I bought right when it became available and had 0 reviews). It is one of my favorite things in our kitchen. I love the divider being half way up the middle of the sink allowing for use of the whole sink or just half. I love not seeing my garbage disposal or other drain – the drain covers are beautiful and another touch of elegance to the overall look of the sink. When I wash cookware, I can fit everything on one side to dry (the same amount of dishes used to take up half the sink and another ugly counter top dish drainer. One of my favorite things about this sink – cutting melons with NO MESS. I can fit a whole large watermelon in the sink to wash it before cutting, then I can put a garbage bag for rinds and a bowl for the cut melon all inside the sink – so no more melon juice all over the counter! I LOVE THIS SINK!I give it 5 stars as I really love it but there are a few things to know about:1. It does spot – when it arrives it is so beautiful and you want to keep it that way – but water marks do show up. I use barkeepers friend and cleans up nicely but I am not going to dry my sink after every use (that’s not practical).2. It is a very deep sink which has pros and cons. I love how deep the sink is but my contractor had a hard time cutting the existing pipes to fit the new sink (which added to the cost of installation). It also makes you have less cabinet space below the sink – again, well worth the trade-off in my opinion.

  9. Francine

    Absolutely love this sink! Everyone kept telling me to order one of the quartz type sinks because they don¡¯t show water spots. I¡¯ve always had stainless sinks and didn¡¯t like the look of the quartz. Keeping stainless steel clean is not a big deal. Just wipe it dry and use stainless steel polish every once in a while. The stainless steel polish will bring it back to life if you have not been perfect with maintenance. This is my first single bowl sink and love that I can soak large pans. I don¡¯t miss having 2 bowls at all. The bottom drying rack is one of my favorite features. Protects the bottom of sink and after you soap up everything, rinse with the faucet nozzle just like In Comercial kitchen. Fast way to hand wash. I almost prefer hand washing than my dishwasher. One WARNING ?? make sure your counter top installer know about the cutting board and drying rack. Mine installed my sink slightly off and the cutting board and rack did not fit. They had to come back drop the sink, grind and polish the sink opening again. Lots of dust and had to reschedule my plumber. Because I also have a heavy duty garbage disposal and this sink is heavy I recommend adding a block at bottom of disposal to add extra support. Buy you won¡¯t regret.

  10. Blake Mansfield

    This is a big and deep sink which I like. You can fit big pots. It’s not made of heavy steel so it’s very easy for it to get scratches. You need to use the rack at all times because if not it will get scratch. If you are not willing to clean it at least every other day this is not the sink for you. I love the rack and cutting board makes my job in the kitchen so much easier. The rack holds a lot of weight and the cutting board is made well. Fyi because the sink it’s so deep I had to remove my garbage disposal I’m still looking for a small one to put back in my kitchen. Overall I like it because it makes my life so much easier. I would recommend it.

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