Workstation Kitchen Sink 30 Inch, Undermount, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel

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  • Workstation Sink – It features an integrated edge that provides a platform for custom accessories to slide across the sink. Custom roll-up dish drying rack and bamboo cutting board are included.
  • DURABLE – Handcrafted with real T304 stainless steel in 16 Gauge ( always 1.5mm) thickness, making it indestructible, dent-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Free Accessories – Strainer, bottom grid, LEAFLOAT branded tower, custom roll-up dish drying rack and bamboo cutting board are included.
  • Undermount – Easy and standard undermounting installation, mounting hardware kit and cutout template are provided.
  • Lifetime Warranty – All LEAFLOAT kitchen sinks are made in best-in-indudstry standard and provided lifetime warranty.

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leafloat Workstation Kitchen Sink, Single Bowl, Undermount, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, cUPC listed

Topmount Workstation Sink

      • Workstation sink features an integrated ledge that provides a platform for custom accessories to slide across the sink. Custom roll-up dish drying rack and bamboo cutting board are included.
      • Drying Racks: Choose from a stainless steel drying rack that sits on the built-in workstation ledge, or a multi-functional roll-up rack that unrolls over the sink and allows you to drip-dry dishes without making a mess on your kitchen counter.
      • Cutting Boards: Custom-fit cutting boards in a range of sizes sit securely on the built-in workstation ledge, allowing you to make full use of the space over your sink.
Key Features

16 Gauge Thickness

The sink is real 16 Gauge, always 1.5mm thick, which is virtually indestructible and never chip or crack, thus saving a lot of maintenance or replacement cost.

A Quiet Sink

Extra-thick rubber pads cover over 80% of sink base to absorb noise from dish washing and waste disposal.

Satin Finish

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

R10 Corners

Gently rounded R10 corners are easy to clean, stand up to coffee, wine and grease,highly resistant to dirt and grime.

 Deep Bowl

Self-trimming apron overlaps the cabinet face for easy installation.

T304 Stainless Steel

Handcrafted from T304 stainless steel, the most durable material on the market that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust.


Size Table
Outter Dimention(L)23 x (W)19x (D)10 inches(L)25 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)30 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)30 x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)32x (W)19 x (D)10 inches(L)32x (W)19 x (D)10 inches
Inner Dimention(L)21 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)23 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)26 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)26 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)28 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)30 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches(L)30 x (W)17 x (D)10 inches
Package Includes
  • 1 x Dish Drying Rack & Bamboo Cutting Board
  • 1 x Strainer & Bottom Grid
  • 1 x Custom Tower
  • 1 x Cutout Template & Mounting Hardware

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26 reviews for Workstation Kitchen Sink 30 Inch, Undermount, 16 Gauge T304 Stainless Steel

  1. John Elliott

    Game Changing Sink!
    Recently we renovated our kitchen and needed a sink. We had a standard 2 place sink previously which served us well for 10 years. However we also have a small kitchen and had a lot of accessories we needed as well which took up precious counter space. Including drying rack, cutting board, rinse rack. This stuff took up a good amount of space that we generally used for food prep. However this setup has a lot of these features built in. Theres a drying rack that fits inside the sink and keeps the dishes off the bottom to dry quicker, it also has a cutting board that fits in it precisely that you can uses for prep as well as extra counter space when cooking. We generally use it for meat serving as if any blood spills it runs off into the sink. The sink itself is very heavy and solid. It feels substantial and it is. All the accessories are well made and attach into the sink meticulously. The cutting board is thick and looks great. It also cleans easily and stores easily. All in all this is a game changer for sink usefulness. We no longer just use our sink for dishes, its nice to get some of our counter space back and in the process gain some as well.

  2. Joseph Perri

    Bar cleaners are wonderful additions for the home. This particular model is easily installed, requiring an opening on the deck behind the sink. There is a spacer included so that sinks with a lip can be accommodated, but a perfect installation can be accomplished with an undermount sink. The base of the unit is a single well-machined piece. Hosing for a typical installation is included in the set. The overall device, once installed, does a great job spraying glasses and it’s your call as to whether to connect this to the cold or the hot water line.

  3. AnitaAZ

    Checks all the boxes I want in a workstation sink!
    Gorgeous workstation sink. I can’t wait for it to be installed!

    This isn’t my first workstation sink, so knew what I liked and disliked about the 1st one.

    1st off you’ll want radius corners in the basin and on the accessories rail, not sharp 90 degree, it makes for much easier cleaning. This one has those.

    2nd, you’ll want a smooth finished stainless and not raw, again much easier to clean and wipe watersports off. This one has that.

    3rd you’ll want a center rear drain, of course if your plumbing allows, this let’s you use most of the sink while having access to the drain basket, because when your prepping meals and the basket gets clogged the last thing you want to do is move everything to reach the center middle drain basket to clean it out. This one has that.

    That leads me to #4 and #5, I never thought I wanted the wire, sink floor rack thinking it was just more to clean. Boy was I wrong. You can have dishes drying on it and run the faucet or drain your dishpan without having to move you clean dishes. The water and soap just run underneath the wire rack, so no need to move anything. This also protects the bottom of the basin from scratches and dents. This one has that!

    #5. With a sink designed for more than just dishes, it important to have a deep strainer basket. When you’re prepping and washing food then waste or cutoffs fall or get pushed into the sink, a small strainer fills too quickly and then you have to stop empty it wash your hands and proceed. With a deep basket you can get through your food prep before clean up begins. This one has that!

    #6 a wood cutting board, (my last one was glass what were they thinking?), You don’t know how hard it is to find a wood cutting board appropriately sized to fit the rails and not stick up losing the extra counter space this included cutting board provides. This one has that!

    #7 roll up dish drying rack, just like the wood cutting board, it’s hard to find the appropriate size to fit the sink rails. These things are great, not only for dish drying but for washing foods, as extra counter space, as a trivet on or off the sink. It can be folded in 1/2 in the sink rails if you need more wash/rinse space. This one has that!.

    #8, rubberized exterior coating, cuts down on the loud sharp sounds when in use, instead it’s more re of a thud or none at all. This one has that!

    Now for the not so good
    It doesn’t come with nor did I find they Leafloat sells a collapsible wash basin. I personally will likely never fill this sink with water since I won’t be bathing kids or pets in it. So my household requires a wash basin for daily dish washing, we don’t have a dishwasher.
    Now this is an easier product to find, (unlike a cutting board or roll up dish rack), so it’s not that big of deal, but I would prefer if they had one available, instead of mish mashing stuff together.
    Well that’s it for the not so good.

    It comes with a template so don’t toss that, it does say on the template to have the sink available before you cut the hole, so if you’re having countertops cut by a contractor they’ll need your sink.

    You’ll need to keep in mind the depth of this sink and the height of the deep strainer which will add about 5″ in total height. This will demand some light plumbing and you’ll loose some storage space under your sink. After having our other workstation sink the storage space we lost is a far cry from the function we gained.

    It’s made for and comes with undermount hardware. We will be using it as a drop in sink instead since it will be installed on stainless steel counter. The lip is thin enough to just fill the rise with silicone.

    Also keep in mind about the faucet this does not accommodate a faucet, you’ll have to have a hole faucet drilled through your counter top, if you don’t already have one.

    I’m very pleased with this sink, and believe you will be too.

    Thank you, I can’t wait to install it!

  4. Chris

    Easy to install. The cover that comes with the metal glass rinser is plastic. Feels kind of cheap.

  5. Brea E.

    I started thinking about why I¡¯d need a glass rinser. After all, I have a dishwasher, and aren¡¯t averse to hand washing, if necessary. The Delta Glass Rinser really changed my perspective.In short ¨C it was easy to install (I installed it on my cold water line), and works very well. To use it, place the glass or bottle over the rinser and push down ¨C this will release a jet of water into the glass or bottle, and clean it out. The water goes down into the sink. If you do it right, there¡¯s no mess.So ¨C why would I need it? I don¡¯t have a restaurant. I don¡¯t have a food preparation business. I don¡¯t even have a large family any more.The answer ¨C when my wife and I have some wine, a quick blast of water and a wipe around the rim (to remove any remnants of lips touching the outside of the glass), and the glass is much cleaner than I can get it by hand washing.But the story goes much further. I drink water from a bottle, refilling it with ice water whenever it¡¯s empty. After many refills, I¡¯m concerned about what may have been left in the bottle ¨C a quick blast into the bottle cleans it out.Most (if not all) municipalities will recycle glass and plastic bottles (in addition to empty metal cans) ¨C but most people don¡¯t realize that the bottles should be CLEAN. Dirty bottles are a big problem for recyclers. A blast from the rinser gives you clean bottles and cans, ready to recycle.Yeah, I know, they pick up so many bottles that they won¡¯t know if you clean your bottles or not ¨C but as long as you have the glass rinser, it¡¯ll make it easier on the infrastructure if you actually meet their recycling requirements.I use my glass every day or so ¨C to clean out water bottles, and to prepare bottles for recycling.It¡¯s a lot more useful than I expected¡­and it works.

  6. daniel thomas

    The upgrade to the metal version is definitely worth it. It’s a solid product, and we’re getting a lot of use out of it rinsing glasses and baby bottles.

  7. Colby

    I had one of these when Delta first put them on the market. It really looked like a nice addition to the kitchen sink, thinking it would make doing dishes (which I can’t stand cause it never seems to end!) a little easier. But, I wasn’t thrilled with the basically all plastic design, and thought it was overpriced for what you got. It did work as stated, but just wasn’t happy with it. The new model (same thing but made from brass) is a great improvement. It has some weight to it now, is an easy install, and works nicely. install is basically drilling a hole in your countertop, attaching a hose, and adding a diverter to your hot water line. Everything you need to install is included (for a basic standard install). I like having this, and so glad they decided to improve it, instead of just scrapping it altogether. I did notice a big price increase going from plastic to brass, but wouldn’t expect anything else. This sells for $192.81 (as of this review, and ((I believe don’t hold me to it)) about a $70 price increase over the first model. In it’s defense of the price, copper is always a higher priced metal (brass is made from copper and zinc), or at least it was until covid entered our world. This year, copper prices have taken a dive, a rare thing for copper, but only due to current covid situation across the globe. If these become popular, they could actually go up in price from here, depending on prices of raw materials. It’s steep at almost $200 bucks. But in the long run, you’ll save on utility costs when a glass only needs a quick rinse with hot water, instead of going in dish washer, or in my home, to the manual dish washer, me. I like it, was fortunate enough to be able to order this through Amazon Vine, but may be a little pricey for many right now. If you can afford it though, it is a cool addition to any sink. Delta makes great plumbing fixtures, at affordable (when life is normal and not covid related) prices, and well known for fixtures that are made from quality materials, have a good manufacturing process, and sell products that will last for years. A nice upgraded product from Delta.

  8. M. Reta

    After we removed the soap pump built into the faucet, we weren’t sure what to put there. Lo, this thing fit there perfectly. It’s a great item to have in an apartment with no dishwasher (that is, if you don’t count yours truly), and makes for rinsing of shake bottles much easier. The hose can connect to either the cold or hot line; we chose the hot line. It doesn’t detract from the water coming through the main line, which is great. So far, all bottles we’ve placed on it fit fine.It doesn’t clean everything perfectly, though. We have some glass bottles we use for our children, and sometimes I’ll see still remnants of juice pulp after rinses.

  9. Cathy

    This glass rinser has been a dream come true. Easy to install, built well (metal version) and works great. Was the perfect addition to the outdoor kitchen.

  10. RPN

    I have had this sink for a little over two weeks now, and I am here to tell you it is amazing! It’s so big it can accommodate my largest pasta pot and then some! Cleaning a 20+ pound Thanksgiving Day turkey will be a snap! I didn’t think I would use the roll up dish drainer rack — ha! I use it All.The.Time!! Likewise, the dish grid on the bottom of the sink? I thought that would just get in the way. Silly me! It’s a God-send. I never thought I could be so excited about a kitchen sink. But then, this is the sink I never knew I always needed. It is seriously worth every penny I spent on it.

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